How to start a website in 2021? | A Complete Guide

Online exposure is essential for everyone these days. A business wants to obtain online exposure to create a higher brand value and bring more buyers.

Individuals use online exposure for promoting their talents, creations, and opinions. For obtaining online exposure, developing a professional website is essential.

Apart from online exposure, a website can fetch an opportunity to make money. You can monetize a website using different methods and strategies.

But, monetizing a website will only become a reality, when you focus on the steps for building a website.

The process of developing a website is not complex, though you need to follow the steps properly to keep the job well-organized.

Beginners make many mistakes in developing their websites. If you have started developing a website for your blog, you need complete guidance. In this article, you can find a guide to developing a professional website. 

For monetizing the website, two things are essential. Firstly, the website should come with an attractive interface. Secondly, the website content is useful for visitors.

So, in the following section, you will find a step-by-step guide to start a website. Make sure that you follow the guide properly to develop your first website. Keeping the process well-organized and error-free should be your aim.

Developing a website is a step-by-step process, and thus you need to follow every step with precision.

Keeping the process well-organized from the beginning is crucial for achieving the desired result. Beginners make one big mistake in starting a blog or website.

The mistake is not giving enough attention to choosing the right blogging niche. So, how do you choose the right blogging niche? Find a detailed guide in the following section.

Brainstorm Niche for the Blog

For starting a business website, you do not have to think about the niche or topic. But, bloggers have to choose the right niche for their blogs. Choosing the wrong niche will eventually lead to losing interest in blogging.

As a result, your efforts and money will be wasted totally. For choosing the right niche for your blog, you can follow the tips below.

  • Write for Your Passion: What do you love during your free time? Different people will come with different answers. For example, some people love playing online games in their spare time. On the other hand, some people may opine that they love reading about various gadgets. So, you can start a blog that belongs to the area of your interest. If you love technology, the niche should be technology. Travel and leisure will be the niche for those who love travelling.
  • Gather Knowledge: Many people have multiple niches in mind, and thus it is confusing to start a blog on a particular niche. If you are in such a confusing state, you should test your knowledge in those niches. If you lack deep knowledge of a particular niche, you will also face the challenge of creating readable topics. So, testing and gathering knowledge is important for finalizing a blogging niche.
  • Get the Topics Ready: If you have chosen your niche for blogging, you should list the topics to be covered under the blog. If you can easily think of 30-40 topics on a niche, the niche is suitable for you. If you start struggling to find topics on a particular niche, you need to change the niche. So, creating a topic on a niche is a test that can help you understand your competence and knowledge of the niche.
  • Micro-Niche Blogs: Many bloggers prefer micro-niche blogging, as it is also a profitable way of building a blogging website. For micro-niche blogging, you need to choose a general niche first. After choosing the primary niche, you need to find sub-niches. For example, you have chosen online gaming as your blogging niche. Under online gaming, you may have specialization in action gaming. So, your micro-niche can be action gaming.

Explore Competition on a Niche

After choosing the niche for your blog, you need to explore competition on that niche. For exploring competition, professional bloggers apply different techniques.

If you are new to blogging, you can find a guide in the following section.

  • Run a Google search on your blogging niche. You will come across many blogs and websites. If many blogs come on the first page of Google search, it means the niche is popular.
  • Now, visit Facebook and run a search on your blogging niche. You will find many fan pages. The number of fan pages and their popularity will help you to assess the competition in the niche.
  • Similarly, you can search your blogging niche on Twitter to explore the fan pages Twitter on the niche. Searching the niche on social media helps you to assess the competition on the niche.
  • Does your blogging niche have offline magazines? If there are multiple offline magazines in your chosen niche, it suggests that your blogging niche has good competition.

Monetization Potentials

Blogging is a good way of earning money, and you can monetize your blog in many ways. Google Adsense is one of the best ways of monetizing a blog.

However, many blogs earn a small amount of money instead of pulling a large number of traffic. In other words, all blogging niches do not have similar money-making potential.

Before starting a blog, you need to analyze the monetization potential of your blogging niche. For example, a blog on travel and hospitality does not earn good revenue from Google Adsense.

However, you can earn from other affiliate marketing channels for your travel blogs. You can sell various travel equipment and accessories through your blog.

So, choosing a blog niche depends on your monetization plan. How would you like to monetize the blog? Finding a suitable answer to this question is crucial for starting a blog.

Avoid the Common Mistakes

While choosing the blogging niche, beginners make a few mistakes. Making such mistakes will lead to poor performance of the blog.

Nevertheless, a mistake in selecting the right niche leads to a lack of enthusiasm for writing blogs. Eventually, such blogs cannot sustain for a long time.

So, what are those common mistakes? Find them and avoid them to make your blogging journey comfortable.

  • Choosing Niche by Popularity: Many bloggers have the habit of choosing a trendy niche. If you do not know a niche, you cannot add value to the content on that niche. Thus, choosing a niche by popularity is a big mistake. You need to find a niche as per your knowledge, interest, and competence.
  • No Specific Niche: Selecting a specific niche is essential for blogging. You may have chosen a niche that is too generalized, and thus you face low traffic on the blog. People want advanced and specific information from blogs. If the niche is too general, it will not attract many readers.
  • High Competitive Niche: Cutting down the competition is essential, especially for beginners. As a beginner, you will find many interesting niches. However, competition in those niches may be too high. When there is high competition, your blog will struggle to get daily visitors. Thus, the revenue of the blog will be low.
  • Niche with Offline Audiences: Many niches have excellent offline audiences, and it does not mean that they will have many online audiences. Choosing such a niche is risky, as bringing offline audiences to the blog is a time-consuming matter. Moreover, you have to put a lot of effort into promoting such blogs.

After selecting the right niche for the website, you need to find the appropriate content management system (CMS).

A CMS platform helps users to develop and manage a dynamic website. Bloggers need such a website development framework to manage their blog posts easily. For bloggers, WordPress is a popular option.

However, a new website does not necessarily need to be a blogging website.

People develop websites for many other reasons. So, you need to choose a content management framework according to your website’s niche and requirements. In the following section, find a guide on choosing the right CMS platforms.

License Fees

Open source content management systems are free for everyone, and building a website on such frameworks is not a difficult thing. You can install the CMS on your web server if it is an open-source system.

However, it is not the case for all CMS platforms. There are some platforms that come with license fees. You can only use those frameworks if you purchase them.

Otherwise, your website will violate copyright regulations. Search engines can also ban such websites.

As a beginner, you should focus on using the CMS platforms that suit your budget and requirements. Millions of websites have been developed on free open-source frameworks. Thus, you can use WordPress, Blogger, and other open-source platforms for website development.

Content Editing and Update

A website owner has to edit the existing content. Nevertheless, you have to add new posts to your blog. How easy is it to add new posts? Getting the answer to this question is essential for choosing the right CMS platform.

Most bloggers have minimal technical knowledge. You may not know about CSS, HTML, and other web programming languages.

The CMS platform should provide you a seamless interface for updating and editing your content.

For example, WordPress is a perfect option for beginners. The CMS platform comes with many features.

But, most importantly it comes with a user-friendly interface to provide seamless content editing and updating features. You can add new posts to your blog easily with the WordPress content management platform.

Not only WordPress but there are also many such open-source CMS platforms that offer a powerful interface for adding and updating content.

Integration of Web Analytics

Today, data is the most important thing for every website owner.

You need to check data analytics to understand the behaviors of your website visitors. What kinds of content getting the most viewers? Which blog posts fetch the lowest visitors? Are visitors spending enough time on your website?

Knowing the answers to these questions is essential to make improvements to your website and content.

So, analytics helps website owners to create more attention-drawing content. However, integrating web analytics with a few CMS platforms can be a complicated matter. You need to choose a CMS platform that features easy web analytics integration.

SEO Performance of the CMS

Choosing the right content management system will give you SEO benefits. A top-class CMS comes with themes that follow the SEO guidelines. So, using such CMS frameworks to develop websites is beneficial.

You do not have to put much effort into the on-page optimization process of your website.

Moreover, the SEO performance of the website depends on the CMS for the following reasons.

  • The framework must be fast and seamless in performance. A slow-loading platform will make your website slow, and it will cause SEO issues for your website.
  • Web security is a big concern for everyone today. The CMS platforms should provide HTTPS web security support.
  • Plug-in support is essential for choosing the right CMS framework. A good website may need social media and many other plug-ins for business marketing.

Users need to have three major things to develop a website.

The first things are the web files, which shall be uploaded to the web hosting server. The second thing is website hosting server space which shall be used for accommodating the website files. The last thing that you need is a web domain otherwise none would be able to recognize your website on the worldwide server.

Now, selecting a domain is a matter of some hassles.

Ideally, the domain name should be the company name, but in many cases, you would find that the domain is already booked. What should you do in such a case? Well, the following tips can be followed to pick up a perfect domain name, when your first preferred domain name is not available.

Choosing the right Domain Extension

When your preferred domain name is not available, you need to go for a different domain extension.

For example, your preferred domain name is not available for the “.com” extension, but it could be found available for other extensions. Ideally, you can choose the country extensions, especially when your business will focus on a specific region.

For example, Australian companies or organizations can choose “.au” as the domain extension for their website. If you do not want to attach a specific region with your business or organization, it is better to choose domains like “.net”, “.info”, etc.

However, these are not the domain extensions that professional business or profit-making organizations use.

Finding a Unique Domain Name

When you do not want to change the domain extension, you need to choose a different domain name. You can easily get a new domain name if you are creative with the name selection process.

When choosing the domain name, you need to keep a few factors in mind. These things are discussed below:

  • The most important thing is to choose a domain name which can be branded easily. For that reason, the domain name you choose should be related to the company or organization name.
  • Using the main keyword of the website can be a good idea for choosing domain name. It is a unique as well as effective way of picking up domain name, when first preferred domain name is not available.

Purchase the Domain Name

When your first preferred domain name is not available, you still have a chance to get it. To get the preferred domain name, you need to find the actual owner of that domain name.

If you manage to find the owner of that domain, you can offer that person or organization a certain amount of money to get your preferred domain. In many cases, it works and in many cases, it may not work.

So, you have to keep your luck factor going for such a deal.

Avoid Confusing Domain Names

The most important thing is to learn the things that you should not do when picking up a domain name. Confusing or irrelevant domain names are a complete disaster. You should avoid such disastrous things, as much as possible.

The domain name has its own unique importance, and picking up the right domain name is always advantageous for businesses. But, you should not choose an irrelevant domain name as that will land you up into a complete mess.

Instead of getting the benefits from the domain name, you shall receive negative things. A misleading domain is always hard to be trusted by web visitors. An online business cannot do well when it suffers from trust issues.

Catchy and Easy to Remember

The domain name should be like the logo of the company, as it demands attention.

For that purpose, the domain name should be precise and catchy. If your domain name is not easy to remember, you shall face plenty of problems.

You shall find that your competitors have gained extra mileage, as they have picked up the right domain name.

So, choosing the domain name with perfection should be a matter that demands a serious outlook from the business owners.

Don’t Lose the Domain Name

Once you have got your desired domain name, you should not lose it. You should make auto payment activated so that domain renewal happens seamlessly without any issues.

Apart from that, you can also choose to purchase the desired domain name for a long time frame to avoid the frequent renewal hassles.

A domain name is the most important thing for online businesses, and thus modern entrepreneurs should have clarity in understanding the fundamental basics of choosing the right domain name.

Various Options for Choosing the Website Hosting Service

Website hosting is one of the most sought-after services in today’s global economical perspective. It is a common trend for businesses to go global with a more effective and modernized web presence.

If you want to make your business successful from a global perspective, you need to have a good website.

To make your website seamlessly accessible and easy to be navigated, you need a professional web hosting service at the most affordable budget. To find the best hosting solution, you need to know about this service in detail.

It can be classified into a few prominent sections. We shall try to know those types at a glance in the following section:

Dedicated Website Hosting Solution

As the name suggests, this type of service is based on a dedicated server. If you want complete data security and an exceptionally well-performing website, you need to have a dedicated server.

This server will come with superior security settings. As we all know that hacking or phishing-related issues are getting more common these days.

Data security threat is one of the biggest threats for an organization. Data theft can lead to dire consequences, concluding in reputational damage to the organization.

Different other kinds of damages may happen due to data insecurity. To protect your data, you need a dedicated server.

Another benefit of a dedicated server is space allocation. You shall get space as per your wishes. Today, most of the advanced services offer cutting-edge and scalable dedicated servers to clients.

Scalability gives you the freedom to get storage space for your virtual data as much as required.

Storage space can be enhanced or minimized as per the requirement so that it can become cost-saving for the clients. Since a dedicated server comes with a lot of benefits, it is always good to have such a hosting plan.

However, the major drawback is that investment is high, and small businesses may not afford this much investment.

Shared Hosting Solutions

If you want to pay less for web hosting, instead of a dedicated server you can select a shared hosting server. Well, this is surely a convenient option as the server is shared by many users.

A portion of the server space will be allotted to you, and the remaining parts will be distributed among others. Security features will not be as robust as dedicated servers.

This is why you need to look for a service provider that is reliable or trustworthy.

Professional service providers commit high-end security to the users.

On the other hand, they offer web servers that perform seamlessly.

So, make sure that you find a good provider for a shared hosting service for your website.

Virtual Private Network Server

VPN or Virtual Private Network Server is a great option for those, who want the extra amount of security for their web-based data.

Many professional business houses are opting for VPN servers to add special security and to enjoy anonymity.

VPN is the most expensive option for beginners.

However, it offers unmatched security to the users, and that is the main highlighted part about this server.

Overall, it can be concluded that a shared hosting service is suitable for beginners, as they want a cost-effective hosting service.

However, users must move to the dedicated or VPS hosting when website data size increases. Many hosting services offer free domain names.

Before finalizing a hosting service, you need to check the plan and pricing. Depending on your budget and requirements, you need to find the most suitable hosting service for your business.

After choosing the domain name and hosting service, you should focus on CMS integration. In many cases, web hosting service already comes with an integrated CMS framework.

For example, many hosting services offer integrated CMS platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento, and many more.

If there is no integrated CMS with your web hosting server, you need to install the CMS to the server.

The process is simple, and it takes only a few minutes.

However, installation can go wrong if you make a few mistakes. Avoiding mistakes is essential, and thus you need to follow the proper steps for installing the CMS.

Find the steps in the following section.

Select the CMS

The first step is choosing the content management system for your website. In this article, steps for choosing the CMS framework have already been discussed.

After deciding on the CMS platform, you need to proceed with the following steps to install the framework on your website hosting server.

Define the Roles

Typically, a CMS framework may involve various persons for the configuration of different components. So, the website owner has to define the roles of the persons involved in the configuration process.

  • Configuration Owner: The configuration owner has access to all CMS-related things. Owners can change the operators’ roles and responsibilities according to their requirements.
  • Configuration Database Administrator: The database administrator takes day-to-day responsibilities for database management. The database admin also keeps the database updated.
  • Configuration Database Developer: The developer builds various web applications for running the ecommerce system on a CMS platform. The person also installs and integrates those apps to the CMS.

If you want a simple blogging platform, this step is not essential for you. For developing e-commerce website on a content management system framework, users should follow the step.

CMS Integration Tools

For beginners, it is essential to understand the roles of various CMS tools.

For managing and updating CMS, you will find arrays of tools. You can use those tools to automate a few tasks.

For example, the data collection process can become automated using the tools. So, learning about the tools will make handling CMS easier.

Traits of a Good CMS Platform

A good CMS platform comes with a few benefits. Website owners should look for these benefits for choosing the CMS platform for their websites.

  1. Scalable: With the advent of time, your website will keep adding data. Thus, CMS needs to be scalable to accommodate the data. If a CMS platform cannot accommodate a large amount data, it is inapt for ecommerce and blogging purposes.
  2. Lesser Developer Reliance: Ideally, a CMS platform should have minimal reliance on the developers. Even a layperson should not find problems in customizing and modifying the CMS features and options.
  3. Good Customer Support: You should always pick a CMS framework that comes with an excellent customer support. If you use WordPress and other open source frameworks, you can find guides and tips from other developers.
  4. Engaging UI: The CMS platform must come with a flawless and engaging UI. User Interface is an important attribute of an advanced CMS platform. Thus, you need to find a CMS that offers engaging user interface.

Choosing the Website Theme or Template

Every website owner should understand the importance of an attractive and engaging user interface for the website.

If the interface is not attractive, your website may not receive visitors, as much as you may have anticipated. For a seamless web interface, you need to choose the website themes or templates perfectly.

So, here are a few tips for choosing your website theme.

  • Choose Theme According to Website Category

Today, most CMS platforms feature themes under different categories. So, you need to choose a theme that belongs to the niche of your website.

For example, you want a food review blog. Thus, you need to find the website template under the “food and beverages” section.

  • Paid and Free Themes

Beginners use a free theme, as it is a cost-effective thing. However, it does not mean that premium themes are too expensive. Website owners can invest in premium themes for two major reasons.

First of all, paid themes are not too costly, and you have to purchase them one time. Users do not need to pay any monthly recurring amount for a premium theme. Another crucial thing is uniqueness. Everyone uses free themes, and thus they have become a little common.

Using premium themes will make your website interface unique.

  • Responsive Theme

You need a responsive website, as more people use a smartphone device to access the internet these days. If your website does not provide a mobile-friendly interface, it will lose a large number of web visitors. So, you need to invest money in a responsive website theme. Today, most website templates and themes have become default responsive.

  • Customization

Website owners must choose a theme that can easily be customized. The template that offers more customization features will suit your requirement with precision. So, a good website template or theme must come with arrays of customization features.

  • SEO-friendly Template

Choosing an SEO-friendly template is essential for the better performance of a website. If the template is not SEO-friendly, your website may fail to attract traffic. Getting more visitors should be the aim of every website, and this SEO-friendly template is essential.

Top WordPress Plug-ins to Fetch More Traffic

For beginners, WordPress is a commonly chosen CMS framework. The CMS platform comes with many unique themes.

Along with the themes, the users should install the plug-in to enhance the visibility of the website. Find a guide to the top WP plug-ins.

Creating WordPress based website is a simple thing as it does not involve any hassles at all. It takes only a few minutes to create a basic website using a WordPress theme.

However, you need to add plug-ins to your website so that it becomes more effective or beneficial in terms of performance as well as usability.

Hundreds of plug-ins are there. You can use a few for enhancing the visibility of your website. In other words, these plug-ins will help you with SEO benefits. So, we shall find a list of those in the following section.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

This plug-in will give you an SEO analyst for your website. For making strategies for business marketing, it is important to have SEO analysis data.

This will fetch all the important data that you require for chalking out your future SEO plans or goals.

Some of the highlighted features of this tool have been discussed below:

  • Number of times when keywords appear
  • Have you used keywords in ethical way?
  • Google SERP data for specific pages

All in One SEO Pack

This is another good as well as quite an effective plug-in. It comes with many benefits in offering.

If you install this plug-in, you shall get data that show up your efforts behind SEO for your website. Sometimes, business owners promote their websites more than required.

Due to over promotional activities your website gains a negative impression from Google. Similarly, website owners under promote their websites in many cases.

As a result, your website does not perform as per anticipation.

Google Analyticator

This plug-in is important for small business owners. For example, you run a debt consolidation business website.

You would surely like to provide online consultation to your clients or potential clients. This plug-in will help you to judge things that visitors like on your website.

It will also tell you about the things that visitors do not like about your website. The idea is to know these things and making the website more desirable or user-friendly for visitors.

SEO Content Control

Content is king and this will be true even after 10-20 years. There is no substitution for good content.

If you know the art of writing information as well as useful content, your website will surely get successful or well-known. People would like to visit your website for informative content. 

This plug-ion intends to find the positives and negatives of your website’s contents. Based on its reports, you can make your website content more useful as well as attractive.

SEO Friendly Image

This plug-in will help optimizing images of your website. Images are important as well as integral parts of websites. They should be well managed and also SEO friendly.

Now, it is not easy to understand the SEO-friendly attributes of images. For that reason, you should opt for using this advanced plug-in which comes with seamless facilities in offering for detecting SEO friendliness attribute of images of your website.

Building a website will not serve your purpose if you have low visitors to the website. For increasing the number of visitors, you must learn the art of promoting your website.

Through various digital marketing strategies, website owners have to bring traffic to their website.

Find some useful SEO strategies in the following section.

Article Marketing

The most successful way of getting internal links for the website is to do article marketing. However, article marketing is not something that would not fetch you bulk backlinks these days.

It used to happen in the past, where people used to get bulk links for the website marketing. Today, article marketing has become restricted. You should use websites that are quite reputed.

Otherwise, there is no use in posting articles and getting backlinks. Inbound links should be generated from trusted and reputed websites.

Guest Posting

Since article marketing has become a little thing, guest blogging can be regarded as the main way of generating inbound links. In such a case, you need to keep a few things in mind.

The most important thing is the quality of the articles that you use for guest posting. The articles or blogs should be written with perfection.

They should reflect good information and clarity. If the quality of the article is not good, guest posting would not add quality or impact to your overall SEO campaign.

Apart from the quality of the articles, you need to focus on relevance and uniqueness aspects. Nevertheless, the guest posting blog that you choose should be popular for promoting quality content.

Link Exchange

Another popular way of getting inbound links for the website’s SEO campaign is link exchange.

How does this process work? Well, for the link exchange process, you need to find a good website.

Not only finding a good website, but you also need to make sure that the website is relevant to your business.

Exchanging links with such websites is a practical thing. Eventually, it will boost SEO performance, and the campaign for search engine optimization will become more productive.


A business website or personal website can now easily have a blogging section attached to the website. This blog can be used for business marketing. Make sure that you post useful and quality articles in such blogs.

You need to get people’s attention through flawless content that is informative and unique, and interesting.

Blogging is the right platform for fetching quality inbound links. If blogging has been used to build inbound links for SEO with precision, it will surely bring wonderful results. So, you should focus on blogging with more attention and effort.

Press Releases

Using press releases for reputation management is a meticulous idea. Several online portals are there, where you can submit press releases. While it comes to submitting press releases, it is important to focus on the quality of the contents. They must be well written, and they should not sound over promotional.

Press releases are written to announce new achievements, sales offers, upcoming business events, etc. If your business has launched a new product or service, you can use a press release to announce the launching date or time.

Social Media

The power of social media is not unknown these days. Thus, it is important to use social media platforms effectively to become successful with business promotional and reputation management activities.

It is important to interact with potential customers as well as loyal customers through social media platforms.

It is important to verify the reviews on your product or brand on social media websites. Good communication builds up trust, and trust leads to a better business reputation.

Directory Submission

For building backlinks for SEO, directory submission is a good technique. There are many online business directories. You can visit these directories and register your website under the right categories.

Submitting the website link to at least 50 directories will help you to obtain more traffic for your website.

There are some premium directories.

You need to pay for listing your website in such directories. Such websites have minimal subscription fees. Getting backlinks from them is a good thing.

Google gives value to these directories, and that is why they charge a fee for directory submission.

Start a website Verdict

All the above steps will surely make you develop a proper and professional website. Choosing a website theme and editing according to SEO might be bit tough task. Once you ace it. You can get success in your business.

Any questions feel free to comment below.

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