As far as all of us know, Google has been the No. 1 search engine of all the time. Google also has different products from which you can make money online.  This a good solution for the people who don’t want to waste their time on non-trusted companies. Google is the No.1 search engine in all over the world. Everybody knows that. So, let’s talk about one of the Google’s product which can help you make money online absolutely free.

We call this blogging. Don’t worry if you have no experience in such vertical. Because I am gonna teach you step by step that how to start making money with Google’s product which is Google Adsense. But firstly, I will give a short introduction about Google Adsense. People sometime feel confusion between Adwords and Adsense. Adwords is advertising network by Google and Adsense Is monetizing network and we need to go with Google Adsense.

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is basically a monetizing company which provides you advertisement from all over the world. When you put those advertisement on your blog or a website then Google start paying you on ppc(ay per click). Google pays you when someone clicks on your advertisement. Google even pays on a single click. Now, the thing is that where to put those ads.

You’ll need to put those ads on your blog and if you don’t have any then you need to make a blog. You can make a blog through or WordPress. Make blog on your desired topic, on the topic on which you can write articles because there is no benefit of the blog if you don’t have articles on it.

Write Articles daily!

After making blog, you need to write minimum of one article daily regarding your blog. Also, submit your blog in Webmaster-tools. Your articles will be on Google right away or about a few days(depends on Google). Google always put those articles on top which has quality material.

Make sure your articles provide best help for the people. In this way, you will get good position on Google and you will get visitors from Google as well. And when you will get visitors you will definitely get clicks on the ads you placed in your blog.

You can get ads from Adsense by signing up there. If you don’t know how to sign up then follow this post, you will get solution step by step.

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