Mailchimp Review: Best All-In-One Marketing Platform for Small Business? Mailchimp Coupon

Mailchimp Review

If you are looking for a Mailchimp coupon? Then check out the discounts section mentioned below. Are you the one who practices Email Marketing and looking for an Email Service Provider?

Before opting for any Email Service Provider, you must know the importance of an Email Service provider in Email Marketing and how does Mailchimp as an Email Service Provider help you achieve the goals set at the time of the Email Marketing campaign.

Why do you need an Email Service Provider? 

In Email Marketing, an Email Service Provider is a place or platform that works for you. This is software that manages your list of emails. ESP provides the architecture and design of the automated responses which can be customized as well.

It helps your business grow and optimize your emails to mobile too which in return leads to a successful email marketing campaign.

Now that you have got an idea about what an email service provider does, let’s read to know how good Mailchimp is as an Email Service Provider.

What is Mailchimp?

By now you must have got to know, Mailchimp is an ESP, that is, an Email Service Provider. It is a unified marketing platform that supports your email marketing campaign to grow rapidly and smartly. Smartly, because the tools Mailchimp provides are Artificial Intelligence integrated and go handy with users.

Many individuals and even marketers trust Mailchimp for the variety of services it dispenses. It facilitates online sales, page creation. Many well-known businesses like Fortune 100 companies manage their target customers and build magnet leads using MailChimp.

They offer a free plan and most of the tools are made available in free plans which is a win-win case for small businesses and start-ups. The most promising feature of Mailchimp is its embedded CRM, Customer Relationship Management which is the best package for SMB persons.

Apart from all these, Mailchimp supports your business with automation and integration too.

So here are some major takeaways from what we reviewed on Mailchimp:

As a platform: Mailchimp as a platform is found to be very efficient in managing users and their access. It is an internationalized podium that is accessible worldwide and it is multilingual, that is, it is available in many different languages other than English. As evaluated by different users, it has a swift performance and is a reliable platform to work on.

Integration: The software is found to be very much compatible with other third-party applications like Shopify, Magneto, and WordPress. It also has an inbuilt drag-drop feature for email building. Mailchimp comes with Data Import and Export Tools which makes it easier to have your contacts from any other device or accounts as well. 

Reporting and Analysis: Mailchimp is a maestro in reporting. The most important tool to make a strategy for a business to grow is its data about clients, social media analysis and integration, geo-tracking. Apart from basic reporting, it allows for A/B Testing, which is split testing. It is an experiment done in marketing by segregating the target audience into smaller chunks and testing different alterations of campaigning. The A/B testing has proven to be very effective in case of determining the best approach to a campaign.

In Email Marketing: As already discussed above, Mailchimp secures a place among the top 10 Email service providers. In marketing, the services provided here are worth paying and trustworthy. It takes care of all the functionalities related to marketing like sending mails to an enormous number of prospects, managing response and delivery along personalized emails.

It has been inculcated with new features like Online Stores, Appointment Scheduling, Creative Assistant, Customer Journey and Content optimizer. These features are add-ons to this software. These make your business to be built perfectly and the growth is traceable too. With optimized content creation and online stores, you are all set to gear up your business.

Affordable and easy-going plans: The plans they offer are cost-effective and the free plan allows almost all tools except a few to be used. In the free plans, you are allowed to have 7 marketing channels, 1 automation, all the core templates and CRM too comes along. Is not that amazing without paying even a single penny?

The plans that are provided here are: Essentials at $10 (approx..), Standard plan at $15 (approx..) and the Premium plan which is the highest at $300 (approx..). The paid plans allow features like Retargeting Ads, Phone support, Custom branding, all email templates, automation, A/B Testing, email segmentation etc.

User-friendly interface with easy navigation: The website of the company is very well designed and smooth to use. The services and products are categorized very effectively which helps even a first-timer to easily troll around the site and reach the destination. Well maintained and updated content with good segregation of certain sections to make it easy for navigation.

Mobile editor: Mailchimp has its mobile application version as well. You can use it from mobile to add email ids, build landing pages etc. It has a nice user interface and is great to use.

Mailchimp Coupon Code & Disocunts

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Checkout the Mailchimp pros and cons

Overall summary on Mailchimp can be categorized into its Pros & Cons:

Mailchimp Pros:

 1. If you are a first-timer, then you must opt for Mailchimp, as it is very easy to use and provides all the tools at your fingertips with minimal effort.

 2. The email service provided by Mailchimp is reliable and trustworthy with mobile editing view too which makes working easier.

 3. The thorough analysis of your customer demography along with other determining factors really helps you improve to optimize your business with the tools provided by Mailchimp.

 4. Mailchimp is adaptable and affordable for all. From small business start-ups to business tycoons, all can use this because of its really varied premium plans along with a free plan which will almost satisfy you if you are a beginner.

Mailchimp Cons:

 1. Mailchimp can sometimes be slower depending upon the task being commanded by the user.

 2. It reserves the right to both suspend or cancel your account. It means you must be very careful before sending emails to avoid your emails being reported as spam or being unsubscribed.

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