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One of the most important factors for success is product research, especially now when the competition is getting higher day by day. You will be able to find multiple Amazon research tool, but Jungle Scout not only helps you to look for winning products, but you can also research keywords, and estimate sales.

The software further helps you in spying on your competitors just from one easy-to-use dashboard. To be more specific, it shows you the products that will bring most of the profit to you and guides you by showing the easiest and shortest way to expand your business.

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Jungle Scout Pricing & Plans

  • The price varies on the number of confirmed monthly order you are getting.
  • The standard package of Jungle scout is $19 per month or $228 annually.
  • For the suite package, you need to pay $49 per month or $589 annually.
  • The professional plan comes with the authentic features, and you need to pay just $84 monthly or $999 annually.

Jungle Scout Features

The salient features of Jungle scout are:

  • Niche hunter: It enables you to detect profitable niche ideas, keywords and products based on parameters like the product category, Listing quality scores, average price, competition and opportunity score. All you need to do is just set the parameters, and it will offer you a cool product and niche ideas to explore. Thus, you can dive deeper into the data to gather information about the best products in each niche.
  • Product tracker: It helps you to see the entire sales history of a product. It will show you the rating, weight, average price, sales trends and fees of a product. About 1,500 live ladybugs provide you with the best product ideas. You will get everything including best seller rank, reviews, inventory in stock and many more.
  • Keyword scout: Besides getting to know about the niche keywords that are searched by the Amazon shoppers, you can also know the demand for keywords. Thus, you can not only understand the keyword’s relevancy but also determine a budget and save some bucks for PPC campaigns. 
  • Ease of ranking and keyword difficulty: There is a score of 1-100, that indicates the difficulty for a term to rank. The terms that are comparatively more detailed and longer usually ranks low in the scoreboard. On the other hand, the comparatively short but compact terms may rank better. But it completely depends on the quality of the keyword you are using.
  • Relevancy score: This particular score indicates the relevancy of term to your actual search. It is super useful, especially if you are a learner you can easily get hold of a synonym, a vulgar term, or any random technical terminology unique to your subject from time to time, to give essence to your listing.

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Jungle Scout Coupon Code

Will update the jungle scout discounts and jungle scout coupon code very soon.

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Jungle Scout Review Verdict

Talking about Amazon, you get unprecedented opportunities at this moment. One of the best Amazon research tools is Jungle Scout, as it helps you to grow profitable FBA business nowadays. If you are pumped up about searching for winning products and improving your Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), you need jungle scout ready in your pocket.

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