FeedbackWhiz Review: An Amazon seller management tool to amp up your marketing game? FeedbackWhiz Coupon

FeedbackWhiz Review

Looking to automate the monitoring of critical events on your Amazon product listings, even when you’re offline? Then check out FeedbackWhiz. Are you looking for a FeedbackWhiz coupon? Then check out the discounts section mentioned below.


There is hardly any eCommerce marketplace available that can dominate the industry giant Amazon. Amazon creates a brilliant opportunity for all the sellers.

It gives the business persons the seamless ease in highlighting themselves in front of the world market where billions of customers flock around every month. However, the competition is highly tricky in this marketplace as you will be introduced to millions of other sellers. 

This is why FeedbackWhiz comes to you in the form of an advanced software tool that is made to make the journey easier for Amazon merchants. Here is what you need to know about this tool. 

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What is FeedbackWhiz? 

FeedbackWhiz comes in the form of a highly unique software tool that is specially made for Amazon merchants. It lets the businesses boost their sales with automated email campaigning, seller feedback improvement, and to get better product reviews.

Also, it lets you monitor the listings quite easily. At the same time, this tool is highly capable of analyzing seller profit and data accounting. 

What makes FeedbackWhiz one of the leading Amazon Seller management software? 

It is undoubtedly tricky to deal with your Amazon selling as it imposes a pool of competition. It is not just enough to have a good product. There are a lot more things that will come forward for your better management. 

From handling your customer service to marketing, everything needs to be top-notch to tap into the brilliant profit opportunity in this marketplace. However, you can become a dominant presence in the market with this software. 

This software is highly suitable for any seller who wants to keep going the extra mile every time they enter a marketplace. This software is designed to offer you cutting-edge functions that can bring about success in no time.

Moreover, this is highly user-friendly that lets you have an easy time while working with this software. 

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What features will you get with FeedbackWhiz? 

The FeedbackWhiz is made to appear robust in terms of features. It is packed with functionalities that are made to simplify the seller’s front. Have a quick ride to its features. 

  •  Order Management 

Order management is a hectic task for any of the Amazon sellers. It is tricky to manage and process all your orders manually and handle the bulk ones.  But with FeedbackWhiz, these tasks become swiftly simple. 

It syncs all your data about orders, customers, and order metrics and integrates everything into one platform screen. You can further search, filter, edit, track or delete all that data with a few simple clicks. It saves your time and lets you dive into the information that you want quickly.  It further helps you to boost up your sales. 

  • Product Review management

FeedbackWhiz comes up with reliable software support that lets you acquire and maintain all the positive reviews and ratings that you get on Amazon. The reviews and ratings work as one of the major factors to drive sales. 

FeedbackWhiz will help you to seamlessly manage, monitor, and gain all the product reviews for any of the products that you are selling on Amazon. It will alert you immediately when a negative review post takes place. It makes things easy for you to respond quickly. 

  • Automated review request 

Your business grows best when you know how to nourish your customers from time to time. It further helps you to retain your customers.  With FeedbackWhiz, it becomes easier for you to automate the function of review generation. 

With this feature, sellers can send message requests quite quickly to the customers without any additional browser extension. 

  • Custom email campaigning 

You can boost up your customer relationship with easy custom email campaigning. You can create highly targeted, attractive email templates for Amazon to create personalized campaigns. You can easily tailor all your messages regarding delivery links, order history to get feedback and product reviews from your customers. 

Running a campaign with Feedback Which improves your chances to get positive reviews.  Moreover, it lets you target individual customers, which improves your business better. 

  • Monitoring and notification 

With this software tool, you can tap into seamless protection and security. You can stay protected from the chances of dangerous actions. It offers you 24×7 monitoring and lets you have seamless control over your selling. 

  • Feedback tools 

The FeedbackWhiz works as one of the best few back tools that auto-target all the positive feedbacks with its smart request. It lets you monitor all your listings and lets you view all your important seller statistics. You can get instant alerts to take action on critical events.  You can filter with order type, status, and rating level at your dashboard that improves your selling metrics. 

What improvements can you see in your selling while using this tool? 

FeedbackWhiz comes up with umpteen benefits. It comes with brilliant improvement perspectives. Here is what you will tap into after using it: 

  • You can quickly see what is working best in your marketplace with easy reports 
  • You can identify all the critical trends quite easily 
  • With this tool, you can manage all your campaigns quite easily 
  • It supports plenty of marketplaces

Pricing plans 

FeedbackWhiz came up with plenty of beneficial pricing plans, which are highly affordable. All the plans are designed to offer you samples of benefits that suit any kind of business budget. Here are the plans that you will get: 

  • Free plan with limited support 
  • Starter plan with $19.99/month pricing 
  • A basic plan with a $39.99/month cost 
  • Professional plan with &79.99/month pricing 
  • Ultimate plan with$139.99/month of pricing 

Profits and accounting plan: 

  • Starter: $19.99/month 
  • Basic: $49.99/month 
  • Professional: $99.99/month 

FeedbackWhiz Coupon Code & Discounts

Will update the FeedbackWhiz coupon very soon.

FeedbackWhiz Review Conclusion

So, it is always beneficial to stay backed up with a helping hand when it comes to optimizing your selling on Amazon. FeedbackWhiz is one such tool that is robust in terms of features and gives you the complete ease of working, which is too good to miss. If you want to make your selling on Amazon more impactful, then feel free to switch to FeedbackWhiz, your business helping hand.

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