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About Dropified

Are you looking forward to running a successful dropshipping business? Managing such a business comes with many challenges. The most crucial thing is to manage different tasks associated with the dropshipping business. For managing such complex tasks, you can use Dropified. This is a platform that automates the tasks for dealing with a dropshipping business. Dropified comes with two unique plans for eCommerce businesses.

  • Import Plan: This plan is suitable for those who are associated with AliExpress and eBay. If you are a beginner in the eCommerce circuit, this plan is suitable for you. You can manually operate adding products and fulfilling orders.
  • Private Level on Demand: With this plan, business owners can enjoy zero upfront inventory cost. You can find products that are in high demand. There will not be any limit for minimum order quantity.

Features of Dropified

Dropified comes with simple features for eCommerce sellers. You can start your business in three steps using the features of this online dropshipping management platform.

  • Find Products: The first step is to find the revenue generating products. You can find such products and import them to your online store with Dropified.
  • Promote: Dropified offers video guide for product marketing. You can drive traffic easily to your store and earn revenue through selling the products.
  • Automate: The entire dropshipping process for your business can be automated through Dropified. Order fulfillment has been done flawlessly.

Advanced Product Research

The secret behind more sales is choosing the best-selling products. For product research, Dropified comes with AliExtractor research tool. With this tool, you can find the best-selling and most profitable products easily. In festive season, sales of some product get escalated. This research tool will help you to pick the right products.

Support for the Business Owners

Dropified has a dedicated customer support department to help the users if any technical glitches occur with Dropified tools. Dropified helps to sell profitable products and saves a lot of time. Novice business owners can undergo 60-day eCommerce training for a better understanding of dropshipping business.

Dropified Pricing & plans

Choose the plan that suits you the most. The price of dropified plan starts at $14/mon and ranges to $297/mon.

Dropified Annual Plan Pricing

  • Dropified monthly import plan price costs $17/month
  • Dropified monthly private label on demand plan price costs $97/month
  • Dropified monthly dropified black plan price costs $297/month
Dropified Annual Plan Pricing

Dropified Monthly Plan Pricing

  • Dropified annual import plan price costs $14/month
  • Dropified annual private label on demand plan price costs $83/month
  • Dropified annual dropified black plan price costs $250/month
Dropified Monthly Plan Pricing

Dropified Coupon Code & Discounts

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