Beginner Guide for Email Marketing

Beginner Guide for Email Marketing

Do you want to start email marketing? Do you face difficulties in setting up your campaign? Do you know how to do perfectly do it? If yes, then be assured to get some more facts and figures as you scroll down. If not, then this page is the perfect search for you.

Email is known as the oldest used communication digitally, but it has a wide range of usage even today. With every passing day, communication is becoming faster and easier with the evolution of many social media platforms and live chat and messengers, yet email is the most used and most effective, and very professional medium of communication in marketing channels. Therefore, there is a huge craze for email marketing.

 By the end of this guide you will learn:

  1. What is email marketing?
  2. The pre-requisites or must have’s for email marketing
  3. How to kick off your email marketing with tips and tricks?
  4. By then you would have known the art of email marketing, next is how would you progress in email marketing.
  5. whether email marketing is suitable for you or not. Know the pros and cons. of email marketing.

What is Email Marketing?

This is a very efficient digital marketing policy to send emails to prospects and customers in mass numbers. It is one of the most reachable and convincing ways to nourish the leads and turn the prospects into customers.

What do you need to do in Email Marketing?

Now that you know what email marketing is. Here is an easy guide to learn how to kick off your own email marketing campaign.

Before that here are some pre-requisites:

List of the emails

An email list holds the priority as this carrier of your marketing business. So, a healthy number of emails is a prerequisite. These are the contacts who ultimately receive the marketing information or any type of communication from your company.

One of the easiest and obvious ways to increase the length of the list is to attach a magnet lead. Magnet lead means any offer or interest that can pull targets and in exchange for which they share their email address. 

Well segmented goals

Before reaching out to any prospects or targets you must be clear about your expectations of accomplishments from the marketing. It is very important to set measurable goals.

Goals can vary like increasing the email list by 15% or 20% by a quarter or driving sales, expanding your brand or winning customers and many more as per your requirement and affordability.

Email service provider (ESP)

An Email Service Provider is a place or platform that works for you. This is software that manages your list of emails. This can be customized to react and respond according to the targeted customers’ behavior. The ESP also helps in architecting and exhibiting automated email marketing campaigns.

For example, Mailchimp, Convert Kit, Mailer Lite, Drip, Hubspot, Sendinblue and Constant contact are some of the Email Service Provider out in the market.

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How to do email marketing?

To have a successful email campaigning it is very important to have your email list, goals and the email service provider should run in tandem. Once these are ready then follow the steps below:

Prepare a healthy list of emails

By healthy, it means the email receivers should align with the set goals you have set. Knowing the needs of the customer and making a match with your goals make a good list of emails. This email will be the gateway for you to reach your customers using magnet leads.  

Create templates of emails or build one

Each time you want to send mail, either you must type down your mail or you can use the templates you already have. It saves time and channelizes your mail too.

For templates, you can buy them or download or seek help from any email designer. Any of the above options would make your work much easy. While designing your template, the major areas those need to be focused on is the header and footer which would do the branding of your business.

Choose a proficient email service provider

 For email marketing, you need to send emails in huge numbers to a huge list of customers. For this, you need a good email service provider that would manage to send mails in broadcasts and in bulk.

This would provide you with the architecture to automate the response to the emails. They take care of all the technicalities involved in carrying out such a sensitive task.

How to increase your marketing?

Improve the email opening rate

 The goals that you set would remain unfulfilled if the emails remain unread. So, there are a lot of factors that determine whether the mail will be opened or not.

  • An appealing subject line- It is the subject line that catches the eyes in the first place. So, you must write something that would stand out and provoke the receiver to read the mail. It should be in simple language and very straightforward and should not be alien to the reader.
  • Write as if writing to one person- your mails should give a special feeling to the reader as if the reader is chosen out of thousands to receive this offer. Write in such a way to fit the buyer’s requirements.
  • Try to add some humor to your mails – Write general content which would add some entertainment that would engage your audience.
  • Avoid your emails entering spam boxes- Be careful before broadcasting any mail to the customers so that your mail does not get reported spam.
  • Learn the art of capturing the time- You must know the perfect timing to send your mails to the customer. Initially, you may not track at what time you should send the mail but by experimenting with A/B Testing you can get an idea.
  • Optimize your business for mobile as well- People are more attached to mobile nowadays. They skim across it every now and then so having any communication over mobile makes it more reachable to the user.

Increase your Email List

To increase your email list, you need a good lead magnet, but how? – To have a good magnet lead consider these determining factors

  • Your lead must be easy to use or acceptable by the user. If the user does not take any action due to the complicacies of the lead, your marketing goes down there.
  • You must know the need of your prospects or customers which will lead to building a good lead.
  • Leads must as worthy as the product you are marketing. Your business will grow only when you have plenty of customers for your brand.
  • leads must provide a way ahead with skillset or information which users can carry forward to act.

Catchy Optin Form

Only the lead magnet alone is not enough. You must have a catchy optin form that would convey the gains of the magnet lead and subscribe to your service. Consider these factors for a good optin form.

  • It is the headline that catches the eye first and delivers all about the product. Hence it must be a captivating one.
  • A simple yet attractive form that should have a proper description.
  • The form should have an appealing submit or subscribe button which means the button should lead the user to know more information or service which is easily available.

Optin Form Placement

The optin form can be placed anywhere on your site but here are some specific places which would have a compelling effect for the customers to subscribe- You can have a splash page, lightbox pop-up, exit-intent pop-up, either in header or footer, separately designated subscribing page etc.

  • Personalized email marketing

The most effective way to personalize your email marketing is through email segmentation. This is done by grouping or segmenting the emails that are being sent.

Once the mails are grouped into small subgroups, the emails sent in each group become more specific and more objective towards a particular goal.It increases the chance of achieving the set goals as well.

It gives a rise in the rate of email opening and clicks through rates. These can be more service-oriented, and response can be made more aligned with the help of automation that is conditioned by the Email service provider.

  •  Automate your email marketing

This is very important and the best trigger for your business. Automation with autoresponders will take care of the leads and have the compelling power to convert the prospects to your subscribers.

For that, you need to configure the autoresponders well. Here is what you need to keep in mind-

It must be used as free short-term material for your business, or you can term it as a smaller version of magnet lead.

Tools as an Email Marketer You Must be Aware

Apart from the Email Service Provider that you must have already read by now, you must learn some more

  • Deliverability tools These tools take care of your emails being sent and after they are in the customers’ inbox. Mail Genius is one such tool that checks your emails for spam and hence avoids your mails getting filtered to spam folders or reported spam. The other one is GlockApps. GlockApps gives the information about the status of the sent emails like they are delivered to the inbox or spam box or remained undelivered.
  • For examining and tracing It is always good to have checkpoints and traceable email routes to know and grow your marketing. This is done using the tool named Litmus. Litmus can trail the path of the mails on the web and on mobile devices as well.
  • Personalizing tools As learnt above, personalizing is one of the key factors that hikes the business. Hyperise helps you personalize pictures including one for social media as well.

Till now we have learned what is email marketing and the most effective steps to build an email marketing business and how to improve it.

Now let us have look at the gains and losses of email marketing. How easy and profitable or the other way how does it affect negatively the marketers?

Let us analyze the pros and cons of email marketing: 

Advantages of Email Marketing:

  1. You are your own boss. Most other marketing platforms do not share the ownership with you. You are nobody if the platforms opt to switch off. But the case is different for email marketing. Here you own it all and nothing comes in between you and your customers.
  1. More personalized- Survey says that you can use any kind of data research to personalize your marketing and increase your business. One such example is email segmentation.
  2. Quite measurable- The rate of your progress is checked by you. The intensity of your campaigns can be measured using the email marketing automation feature. This graph helps you put more stress on the drawbacks and augment the edge points in your marketing.
  3. Cost-effective – There are no requirements for paper and print costs. You do not have to pay anything in exchange for this business to any magazine, television channel etc.
  4. No manual convincing or chaining customers- In email marketing, you will reach the users who are already inclined to your brand. You need to just motivate them through your effective mails to involve and invest more time and effort in your brand. That’s it!
  5. You can earn from revenue generated from the purchase of any subscription made as well. 
  6. Easy to start- Since you have learnt the art of starting an email marketing above, you must have yourself got this point that starting an email marketing is super easy and anyone can begin with a little bit of intelligence on how to gather emails and write super cool content for the same.
  7. Sharable- Your customers can gain you some more customers if you play your card well. They can share it among their friends and relatives and can work as the action button for your email marketing business.
  8. Email marketing has a good scope for reaching a wide range of people. You can reach anyone sitting in any corner of this world by exercising your fingers. Is not that amazing! You can move a mass by sitting at your home. This is the most jaw-dropping aspect of email marketing.
  9. Fast easy and reliable- The email marketing business is the fastest obviously because of the email technology. And working with mails is super easy and trustworthy because everything happens right in front of your eyes.
  10. Harmless to Environment- As everything happens digitally, no printing papers, no posters, no pamphlets. Hence no negative effect on the environment like the felling of trees or pollution.
  11. You can merge with other marketing activities if you have a similar product as they do. This type of integrated marketing gives you an edge over other marketing businesses. By doing this users can avail the services and products by subscribing to you simultaneously featuring on their websites
  12. Higher Return on Investment- Since emails reach faster and mobile-optimized reach even faster, the email opening rate increases which in return leads to an increase in the rate of Return on Investment.

Disadvantages of Email Marketing

Every coin has two sides, same is the case for email marketing- Let us have some disadvantages of email marketing-

  1. You are not the only one- In email marketing the competition is very tough. You also stand in the crowd with other marketers selling your brands. Hence to stand out in the crowd you must need to be very creative and use the tips and tricks given above wisely.
  2. Emails form the base of this marketing. But it becomes hectic to gather target emails sometimes for your campaign.
  3. Need to keep all the do’s and do not’s in mind. As a marketer, you need to stick to the rules which would fetch you profits and keep your emails away from being reported as spam or getting unsubscribed.
  4. You also need to deal with the resources and skills which you need to run your marketing business. You need to have correct copy and design and list and also properly skilled resources.
  5. Size of email is also a concerning factor- a too big email with images may take time to load which might displease your customer deferring their interest in your product. So you need to make sure that your emails are short and easily readable by users.

Email Marketing Conclusion

Discussing all the titbits of email marketing in this guide, this can be concluded that despite the disadvantages we discussed above, email marketing is still an appealing career choice with undoubtedly humongous profits if carried out well.

Unlike other marketing areas, email marketing can be done by anyone and with minimal investment at the initial stage of their business.

This guide provided you with the end-to-end steps for establishing a successful email marketing campaign on your own. So email marketing is your cup of TEA now.

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